About Us

Our Focus

We aim to establish a leadership position in storage network management. The major inflection point occuring in Cloud and Enterprise data storage that is being driven by the on-going digital transformation requires faster and more scalable storage networks. We are building solutions that leverage software-defined networking, the latest storage protocols (NVMe over Fabrics), and existing networking infrastructure to address the demand for faster, more scalable storage networks.

Our Company

We are a privately held, pre-revenue start-up that has developed a  unique storage network management solution designed to simplify the tasks of configuring, managing and monitoring high performance storage networks.

Our software is based on years of development and has resulted in 14 patents with 3 more pending submission.

Our Team

 Our team is experienced with proven track records in both software and hardware in storage, networking, and security. Collectively, we pride ourselves on the success of our products and teams with expertise in product design, development, marketing, sales, and operations for key industry players such as Emulex, JNI, QLogic, Seagate, Hewlett-Packard, NetMotion Software, Qualcomm, Honeywell, PacketMotion, and Motorola.