Our Solution


 AdaptiveSN’s Intelligent Storage Network Orchestration (iSNO) is our proprietary architecture that enables policy driven, responsive and secure network management. iSNO integrates with existing security platforms while leveraging open interfaces such as OpenFlow to create isolated networks for storage.  

Key Benefits:

  • High Performance - enables data center class switches to carry NVMe-oF by using SDN technology,  
  • Lowers Cost - leverages standard Ethernet through the implementation advanced storage services 
  • Improves Scalability - provides management services that scale well past traditional SAN’s to the cloud
  • Integrated Security - supports isolation of multi-tenant data in larger networks
  • Simplified Management - including robust diagnostics, performance metrics and SLA analysis
  • Multi-level Automation - designed with intelligent services and predictive actions for near zero touch management

Key Features:

  • Multi-Protocol (NVMe-oF, iSER/iSCSI)/Multi-Vendor Switch Support
  • Security (storage logical network isolation, port lock-down, zoning/domains, login, end point authentication)
  • Automatic end-point zoning on network login
  • Zoning automated by integration with existing name services for adding new systems to the network
  • Scale-out design to enable high-availability even in the event of multiple system failures
  • Automated network configuration to maximize storage performance and reliability